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The Nissan college grad program is an innovative program designed by the renowned automaker, Nissan. It is a simple program where the fresh or soon-to-be college graduates can own a Nissan at a far lesser price when compared to the other Nissan owners. The program allows for huge savings and helps passionate youngsters buy the Nissan vehicle of their dreams.

If you are a U.S college graduate and looking to drive a Nissan for your first day to the office, the Nissan College Grad Program is for you. There are...continue reading

Unlike its flashy, premium-branded counterparts, the Nissan LEAF quietly offers an all-electric, affordable means of transportation. With its flashy cabin and attractive low price, it definitely is one of the best Electric vehicles (EVs) in the market. However, it offers more than semi-autonomous driving capabilities and driver-assistance features. With Nissan LEAF, you will also be able to enjoy potential tax credits, rebates, and incentives. Read on to find out more.

Federal EV Tax Credits and Rebates

If you...continue reading

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Nissan's One to One Rewards Program is a great move similar to buying a Nissan vehicle. Customers can reap a lot of benefits by being a part of this program.

It is important to maintain every vehicle regularly.

Hence, the automaker offers the best means to care for their customers vehicles with this Nissan Customer Loyalty Program. Customers can earn valuable reward points every time they come for a service visit. There will be an assurance of a specially trained Nissan technician to cater to their vehicles. So,...continue reading

The 2021 Nissan Kicks is a small crossover and is the SUV at the entry-level in the automakers lineup. This Nissan crossover in Long Island competes with other subcompact crossovers including the 2020 Hyundai Venue, 2021 Mazda CX-30, 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer, and Kia Seltos.

The Kicks was introduced as a substitute for the Nissan Juke in 2018. The vehicle boasts impeccable convenience and standard safety features making it a car of value. However, its lagging transmission and the small engine give stress to its utilitarian...continue reading

If you are not sure about how frequently you should get your Nissan serviced, you should know that the answer depends on several factors. 

The first factor is whether you drive a new car or a second-hand one. If you have a new car, you have to adhere to the service intervals recommended in the logbook. If you dont do this, your cars warranty will be voided. With a second-hand Nissan car, it is best that you have a discussion with the guys at the Nissan of Smithtown Service Department and talk to them about...continue reading