A family on a road trip after getting their Nissan serviced

Source: Nissan

Road trips are fun little adventures over the course of which people can bond and create memories together. Years down the line, you will remember these moments, and they will always exist as a fond memory.

But a trip such as this can take a heavy toll on your car. Here are a few things that you should do before heading out on a road trip:

Check the Battery

If your battery is more than three years old, it is best that you replace it before going on your road trip. A dead or faulty battery can be...continue reading

A service technician at a Nissan dealership holding a jug of oil to perform an oil change

Source: Nissan

Periodic oil changes are so important that they have become a built-in feature in modern vehicles. Latest SUVs, cars, and pickups are designed to alert drivers regarding regular oil changes. If you have been ignoring your oil change alerts, then realize that you are putting your vehicle at great risk.

If you are not aware of oil change benefits yet, then here is a list to help you understand the importance of this preventative maintenance task.

A Revved-Up Engine

Engine oil, over time, becomes...continue reading

Nissan Certified Pre-owned logo

Source: Nissan

Nissan has been making reliable cars for decades and has built its public image upon making great cars at a great price point. But since then, Nissan has also implemented one of the greatest after-sale services in the world, and its CPO program is a testament to this fact.

Nissan has a comprehensive after-sales program that is not rivaled by many. But for people looking for a new second-hand car in great condition, Nissan CPO is a great way to get a quality car.

With the Nissan CPO Program, you are guaranteed...continue reading

An orange 2021 Nissan Ariya driving down the road

Source: Nissan

Expected to release later this year, the 2021 Nissan Ariya is one of the most awaited releases from Nissan. The new Ariya is a completely new vehicle from Nissan equipped with all the latest features. 

Design-wise, the new Nissan Ariya offers a fresh and modern design. The vehicle carries an aggressive aesthetic with bold features. While the low stance of the vehicle provides it a sportier look, the sleek headlights give it a personality.

With an expected starting range of about $40,000, the vehicle...continue reading

A car driving on the road using Intelligent Cruise Control to detect how close the person in front of them is

Until recently, it was predicted that fully autonomous vehicles were going to hit the market soon. This prediction seems a bit out of reach engineers and regulators are looking at safety-related challenges. Several technology features that are the building blocks for self-driving are finding their way into cars. These include steering assistance, acceleration and deceleration, and situational braking. The driver is still in charge of the vehicle and can take over.

Current driver assistance systems include...continue reading